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Welcome to the Writers Cthulhu forum. Here is the Charter of use for our forum, where the watchwords are respect and friendliness.

1. Introduce yourself
Before posting, it is customary for you to introduce yourself in the section provided for this purpose. Who are you, are you more of a gamer or GM, what are your favorite games ... It's a good way to get in touch with the community, and maybe find people quickly!

2. Purpose
The Writers Cthulhu Forum is a forum where visitors can ask questions, make announcements, or initiate discussion topics regarding the RPG in general and the Writers Cthulhu community in particular.
Our forum can be read by a non-adult audience, so we invite users to take into account the possibility of offending the sensibilities of young readers.

3. Administration and moderation
The Administrators of the forums are in charge of the technical maintenance of the forum, the appointment of moderators and the management of the forum.
The Moderators are there to liven up the forum, make sure it remains easily readable, prevent conflicts between users or moderate the messages when necessary. Messages contrary to French law and this Charter will be automatically deleted. Moderators operate within the spirit of the Charter, but are answerable for their actions only to Administrators. They are free to explain to users the basis of their decisions or not.
Administrators and Moderators make every effort to remove or correct all objectionable messages as quickly as possible. However, they cannot review all messages in real time. Users therefore admit that all messages posted on these forums express the view and opinion of their respective authors, and not of the Administrators, who, therefore, cannot be held responsible.
Forum users accept that Administrators and Moderators have the right to delete, correct, move or lock any discussion topic or post at any time.

4. Content of messages
The Writers Cthulhu forum is dedicated to RPG. All messages should therefore deal with Role Playing Games or related to it.
Users agree not to post abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, threatening messages or any other message that violates the laws applicable in France. Bypassing this rule will lead to the correction of abusive messages, their erasure, or even the temporary or permanent ban of the author (depending on the seriousness of the facts, his Internet service provider may be informed). The IP address of each message is recorded to help enforce these conditions.
In particular, personal attacks will not be tolerated. The ideas of a user can be criticized, but never his person.
Users are required to post their interventions in the appropriate category. Any misplaced message will be moved without notice.
Users should not post multiple copies in different categories.

5. Legal notice
Users agree to have their interventions stored in a database. However, this information cannot be collected or used for other purposes and will not be disclosed to any third party or company without their consent. Administrators cannot be held responsible if a hacking attempt leads to access to this data.
This forum uses cookies to store information about users' computers. These cookies do not contain any personal information entered by users, they are only used to improve user comfort. The email address is only used to confirm registration details and password (and to send a new password if you forget it).
Each user has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him (art. 34 of the "Informatique et Libertés" french law of January 6, 1978). He can, at any time, exercise this right and request that his contributions to the forums be deleted by contacting an administrator.